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Many years ago when I first dabbled in metaphysical things, I attended a group that practiced meditation.  I did my best and struggled along, practicing twice a day.  No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't seem to get out of my space and into the universe.

One evening I expressed my frustration to one of the other members.  He asked what I felt the problem was.  I told him, I keep going the wrong way.  What do you mean he inquired?  I said instead of going out there into the cosmos, I keep getting sucked back in behind myself.  How do you know that is the wrong way, was his next question?

The way out, is the way in.  The way in, is the way out.  My center is the Center and is within me.  The way to my father is through me.   I laugh today at my struggles of the past,  and with much joy I seek the answer of the without within myself.

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Your classes really helped me understand what exactly our intuitive gifts are really all about. You took all the confusing "jargon" and made this information so easily accessible, that I had a tremendous "A-HA" moment. Thank you so much for your gift!  Valerie Spitaler



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